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Irish Culture

Irish culture is made up of a number of elements from early Irish times – language, folklore, literature, art, traditions, music, dance, traditions, religion, festivals, cuisine, flora, fauna, mythology, genealogy and sports coupled with elements of modern Ireland such as commerce, government, science and technology.

A few examples of Irish Cultural gifts to the world come from:

Literature: Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce.

Poetry: William Butler Yeats, Louis McNiece, Seamus Heaney, Patrick Kavanagh.

Paintings: Francis Bacon, William Orpen, Jack Butler Yeats, John Lavery.

Dance: The phenomenon of Riverdance, Irish Dancing

Music: The Dubliners, U2.


Irish Pubs: Guinness

St Patricks Day Parades:At the heart of Irish Culture, keeping the Irish Heritage & Irish Traditions alive amongst the descendants of the Irish Emigrants who settled in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada & New Zealand, in search of work & a new life.


Irish Sport : Gaelic Football, Hurling
Irish Culture places great value and interest in individual people. The national psyche is naturally warm-hearted and family and friends are all important.  The culture of extending a welcome to visitors is endemic.
A staple of Ireland is the culture of “going for a few drinks”, “having a cup of tea”, “having a bit of craic” or “having a chat”.
The Irish are naturally courteous, friendly and quick-witted and love to welcome visitors – in fact, the word “Welcome” is endemic to the culture. The Irish culture is averse to stress and things move slowly and methodically.