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Biggest St Patricks Day Parades

Written on January 31, 2017

St Patricks Day Parades

After Mass, the St Patricks Day Parades are the next most important element of this world famous festival.
Here on the sites we list some 300 St Patricks Day Parades across the world celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

The USA have the highest number of St Patricks Day Parades – some 200 Parades.

Biggest USA St Patricks Day Parades

New York St Patricks Day Parade
Chicago St Patricks Day Parade
Boston St Patricks Day Parade
Savannah St Patricks Day Parade
Kansas City  St Patricks Day Parade
Scranton St Patricks Day Parade
San Francisco St Patricks Day Parade
Philadelphia St Patricks Day Parade
Syracuse NY St Patricks Day Parade

Biggest Canadian St Patricks Day Parades

The Montreal St Patricks Day Parade had it’s first outing in 1824, Montréal’s St Patrick’s Day Parade  today is one of the biggest Patrick’s Day parades in North America with an estimated  600,000 watching in downtown Montreal.

The Toronto St Patricks Day Parade in 1863 has grown to become one of the biggest parades attracting  over 500,000 spectators.

The Vancouver St Patricks Day Parade with over 2,000 performers and watched by 300,000 people each year makes this parade the biggest in British Columbia.

Ireland’s Biggest St Patricks Day Parade

It is, of course, the Dublin St Patrick’s Day Parade , the biggest Irish Parade with crowds estimated at 500,000 – some 30% of the whole population of the Greater Dublin Area.

UK’s Biggest St Patricks Day Parade

As you would expect, the biggest Parade it is the London St Patrick’s Day Parade passing through Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and onto Whitehall is a stunning event watched by hundreds of thousands of visitors & Londoners alike.