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Slightly Bawdy Irish Limericks

Slightly Bawdy Irish Limericks


There are some things we musn’t expose
So we hide them away in our clothes.
Oh, it’s shocking to stare at what’s certainly there
but why this is so, Heaven knows

Slightly Bawdy Irish Limericks
An Irishman from Montana
Who said he could play the piana
His finger slipped
His zipper ripped
And out came a hairy banana

An Irish lady named Mable,
whose ass was as big as a table.
“Never you mind.”
said a frind of mine.
She’s ready, willing, and able.


An Irish lady named Hilda
who went on a date with a builder –
he asked if he should –
she said that he could –
so he did, and very near killed her!

An Irish lady from Ongar
who was shagged in the sea, by a conger,
her girl friend from Deal,
asked “how did it feel?”
she said “nice – like a man – only longer!”

There once was a plumber from Lee
Who was plumbing his girl by the sea
She said Stop your plumbing,
There’s somebody coming!
Said the plumber still plumbing… It’s me!