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Irish Pubs Connecticut

Written on March 10, 2016

Connecticut Irish Pubs

Stamford Irish Pub CTStamford – Tigin Irish Pub

Branford — E. McHenry’s Irish Pub
Bridgeport — Brennan’s Shebeen
Danbury — Molly Darcy’s
Fairfield — Anna Liffeys
Fairfield — Brennan’s Shebeen
Guilford — Augur’s Irish Pub
Hamden — Dunn’s Pub
Hamden — Playwright Irish Pub
Hartford — Mckinnons Irish Pub
Hartford — Vaughan’s
New Haven — Anna Liffeys
New Haven — Christy’s Irish Pub
New London — Hanafin’s Irish Pub
Norwalk — Donovan’s Irish Pub
Norwalk — O’Neill’s Pub
Norwalk — Waxys Irish Bar
Oxford — Brennan’s Shebeen
Plainville — Waxys Irish Bar
Southington — Blackstone Irish Pub
West Hartford — McLadden’s West Hartford



Irish Pub Joke

A dual carriage way walks into a bar orders a drink and sits down.
A few minutes later a slip road walks into the same bar and orders a drink and sits down next to the dual carriage way.
After a while a piece of tarmac walks into the bar and approaches the barman and shouts, ‘Give me a bloody pint now!’ The barman a bit peeved at this says, ‘Talk to me with a bit of respect and I might’. The piece of tarmac raises his fist and shouts again, ‘Give .. me .. a .. bloody .. pint .. NOW!’. The barman has had enough and tells the piece of tarmac to leave.
After a few minutes the dual carriage way approaches the barman and says, ‘Ahh .. you shouldn’t have threw him out!’. The barman asks why.
The dual carriage way says, .. wait for it ..
‘hes a cyclepath!’



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