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Irish Pubs in Delaware

Written on March 10, 2016

Delaware Irish Pubs Listing


Milton — Irish Eyes Irish Pub


Dover — McGlynn’s Irish Pub
Elsmere — Mulrooney’s Irish Pub
Glasgow — McGlynn’s Irish PubLewes — Irish Eyes Irish Pub
Newark — Catherine Rooney’s Irish Pub
Newark — McGlynn’s Irish Pub
Smyrna — Sheridan’s Irish Pub
Wilmington — Catherine Rooney’s Irish Pub
Wilmington — McLaren’s Irish Pub
Wilmington — Shenanigans Irish Pub





Irish Pub Joke

A prostitute walks into a bar. She spots a koala bear sitting at the end of the bar. After a little small-talk and flirting, the koala bear goes home with her. They frolic all night long. The next morning, the koala gets up and wanders towards the door. 

”HEY! Where are you going?” yells the prostitute. “I haven`t been paid!” 
Realizing that he is a koala bear and might not understand, she reaches for a dictionary and looks up *prostitute*.

She shows him the definition:
PROSTITUTE (pros`ti toot) n. A woman who performs services for money. The koala bear looks at her and then grabs the dictionary. 
He shows her a definition: 
KOALA BEAR (ko all e Bare) n. A furry marsupial. Eats bush and leaves.



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