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Irish Pubs in Staten Island, New York

Written on March 10, 2016

Irish Pub Joke

A man walks into a bar with his monkey. He orders a beer and sits to drink it. While he is sitting at the bar, his monkey is out of control. It jumps up on the pool table and eats the pool ball. The bartender runs up to the man and says “Did you just see what your stupid monkey just did?” “No, what did that stupid monkey do this time?” “He just ate the cue ball!!” “I hope it kills him” says the man. About two weeks later, the man comes back to the bar with his monkey. While he is drinking at the bar, his monkey is again out of control. The monkey finds a grape at the bar, picks it up, sticks it up his ass, and eats it. The bartender, having seen this, asks the man: “Did you just see what your sick monkey just did?” Man: “No” Bartender: “He just stuck a grape up his ass and ate it.” Man: “What do you expect, he measures everything first, after that pool ball.”



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