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Irish Pubs in Wyoming

Written on March 10, 2016

Wyoming Irish Pubs Listing

Laramie — O’Dwyer’s Irish Pub



Irish Pub Joke

A man walks into a pub
A man walks into a pub. 
He greets the barman and orders a pint.
As the barman draws it, the man begins to hear two
noisy young men at the end of the bar.
”What county did you say you where from?” asked the first.
”Why, County Clare.” the second replied.
”Well, I’ll be damned! I’m from County Clare, too! What town?”
”Why, I’m from Ennis.”
”I’ll be damned! I’m from Ennis, too! What parish are you from?’
”Saint Francis.”
”Well, I’ll be damned! I belonged to Saint Francis’, too. 
What street did you live on?”
”Why, Parnell Street.”
”I’ll be dammed. I lived on Parnell Street. 
What was your mother’s maiden name?”
”I’ll be damned . . .”
After listening to all this, the man calls
the barman over and says, “Sean, what’s with them two?”
”Not much,” he replied. “Just the Mulcahy twins drunk again!”



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