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Quare Things in Dublin

Quare Things in Dublin – Irish Song

Quare Things in Dublin Lyrics

There’s quare things in Dublin between Howth and Crumlin.
 Down in Ringsend there’s a five-legged cat,
A three-legged donkey,
A two-headed monkey.
There’s nothing so quare as this four-faced old clock.
There’s a clock in old Dublin that stands on a steeple
Proud and erect with fourfaces so tall.
While one of them says you are late, it’s deceiving.
Theother onesays it’s aquarter before.
You run down the road and he grins as you hurry,
Then just round the corner you look up in surprise.
It’snot quite the same as it was on the last street.
This bloody blackguard is telling me lies.
There’s a half-hour to spare.
Now how will I kill it
I’ll nip up the road and nip in for a jar.
With the chimes of four bells,
I look back in amazement.
His other side has gone past the hour.
There’s a lesson in life to adopt and interpret.
It applies to all people regardless of race.
Don’t put your trust or your faith in a person
If sometimes they seem to have more than one face