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Zoological Gardens

Zoological Gardens – Irish Song

Lyrics of Zoological Gardens

Thunder and lightning is no lark, 
When Dublin City is in the dark! 
Would you care go to the Phoenix Park 
And view the Zoological Gardens?
We went out there to see the zoo, 
We saw the lion and the kangaroo, 
There was he-males and she-males of every hue, 
Up in the Zoological Gardens!
We went out there by Castleknock, 
Says she to me “Sure, we’ll court on the Lough!” 
Then I knew she was one of the quare old stock 
From outside the Zoological Gardens.
We went up there on our honeymoon, 
Says she to me, “If you don’t come soon 
I’ll have to get in with the hairy baboon, 
Inside the Zoological Gardens!”
Says she to me “It’s seven o’clock 
And time for me to be changin’ me frock, 
For I long to see the old cockatoo, 
Up in the Zoological Gardens!”
Says she to me “Me lovely Jack, 
Sure I’d love a ride on the elephant’s back, 
If you don’t go with that I’ll give you such a crack, 
Outside the Zoological Gardens!”