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Irish Traditions

Irish Traditions

The Irish have been responsible for one of the largest population diaspora that world has ever seen. Just in America alone there are 70 million people that have some Irish blood flowing in their veins.

Cleverly, they established traditions that nourished their culture over the centuries.

Very earlier on, in fact in 1762, some Irish soldiers established one of the greatest of Irish Traditions… that of Parades in honour of St Patrick’s Day by marching through New York City on 17 March!

The Irish have kept their culture in other important ways with traditional Irish Dancing where young boys & girls learn to dance decked out in colourful dancing costumes which carry ancient Celtic patterns as found in the Book of Kells. (This is an ancient religious manuscript created around 800AD )

Finally, another famous Irish Tradition is a wee glass of Murphy’s stout to wet the whistle.