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Montreal Saint Patrick’s Day Parade



The St. Patrick’s Parade in Montreal

Start time: 12pm – Corner of Fort & St. Catherine

The United Irish Societies of Montreal organising the Montreal Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
The Grand Marshal, once a working position, is now a honourary one and has been going back
many years. It is the highest honour parade organizers can bestow upon a person who has had
a positive influence on the Montreal Irish community.

Please visit our website for more info including past Grand Marshals:
The Chief Reviewing Officer, like the Grand Marshal, is an honourary position given to those
with or without Irish heritage who have contributed to the community. We are proud to introduce
Sister Diana Lieffers of St Gabriel’s Parish as our 65th Chief Reviewing Officer.
Please visit our website for more info including past Chief Reviewing Officers:
Each year the United Irish Societies hands out two awards.
The first is the Simon McDonaugh Humanitarian Award, named in Mr McDonaugh’s honour for
his dedication to his heritage and to the humanitarian acts committed during his life. This year’s
recipient is an organization chosen for the same reasons, The Erins Sports Association.
A full biography can be found here: http://www.montrealirishparade.com/notables/humanitarianaward
The second is the Liam Daly Heritage Award. Mr Daly promoted the Irish culture in Montreal
throughout his life. This year’s award goes to the Richard Clahane for doing the same.
A full biography can be found here:
In 1929 the United Irish Societies of Montreal took over the organization of the parade and it has become more and more successful every year.

“St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in Montreal as far back as 1759, after the Conquest, by Irish soldiers of the Montreal Garrison. In 1817, the beginning of the Irish community here, the observance of St. Patrick’s day was marked by special dinners and the celebration of religious services.
The actual celebration of a St. Patrick’s parade commenced on March 17, 1824. Michael O’Sullivan, lawyer and member of the Parliament of Lower Canada, was the main organizer of this public display. In 1836 he was appointed Chief Justice of Lower Canada but unfortunately he died in 1839.
The St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal was founded by prominent Montrealers of Irish heritage on March 17th, 1834. They became the organizers of this parade until 1892.
The parades of that era were a manifestation of the Irish success in the community and parades were held in Old Montreal on the day proper. Church services would precede the parade and a banquet was held after the parade with numerous toasts in celebration.”

More information can be found on our website(Click above). We can also be found on Facebook United Irish Societies of Montreal as well as Twitter @uismtl