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Top 100 Irish Tourist Attractions

Top 100 Irish Tourist Attractions



Visit this page on St Patricks Day 2017 when you will be regaled with the Top 100 Irish Tourist Attractions. Castles, Caves, Outstanding Natural Beauty Spots, Famous Irish Pubs, Birthplace of St Patrick and many more will be included in this section. Selecting the best attractions to feature in this definitive list of Top 100 Irish Tourist Attractions will not be easy!

It is likely that some well known Irish Tourist Attractions will not make it into the Top 100. We expect to have to make difficult decisions as there is such an interesting range of really marvellous Irish Tourist attractions.

Leaving Ireland to seek better economic circumstances involves enormous disruption to family life & considerable heartache to those left behind. My own dear wife Marguerite, whose father stayed in Dublin in the 1950s whilst 5 of his sisters left for Baltimore & 1 for Sheffield.

The Irish Famine in the 1840s caused this diapora allied with the  Scottish ‘clearances. This  resulted in massive emigration & family disruption as the Irish emigrants fanned out throughout the world to USA,Australia, Canada & the UK. Today, just in the US there are 40 million Irish Americans &  7 million  Scottish Americans.

It is not surprising that these Irish emigrants over the last 175 years have keep their Irish Culture & Irish Identity fiercely protected through the Annual St Patricks Day Parades ( some 200 are listed on this website), the Irish Associations , the Irish Dancing, the Irish Feativals & most of all through regular visits to dear Olde Ireland to see relatives, to breath the air & touch the olde sod.

This is where we come in with the Top 100 Irish Tourist Attractions! There is only some much visiting, drinkin’, chattin’ that there comes a time to explore the wonders of Irish Tourist Attractions.

Did you know some people in Scotland ‘bag a munro’. Translated this means you have climbed a Scottish Mountain over 3,000 ft. There are about 260 of these mountains & some people are trying to bag the lot!

This brings me back to the future of our Top 100 Irish Tourist Attractions by St Patricks Day 2017.

We are thinking of offering prizes to Irish Heritage Tourists who manage to ‘bag’ everyone of our Top 100 Irish Tourist Attractions!

Let us know your thoughts. Slainte & Happy St Patricks Day Every Year!

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Top 100 Irish Tourist Attractions