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    Paddymatch – Irish Love

    Everyone loves the Irish. Particularly on St Patrick's Day. They love chatting. They love people. They love children. They are quirky, fun, love story telling…not surprising as they are Irish after all! So go to it, Meet your Irish love on Paddymatch! But wait! What if you are not of Irish blood? Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time a young man from North of England, of Viking stock, decided to seek fame, fortune in Australia. Whereupon, lo & behold!, he met an Irish lady! The rest is history with 3 beautiful daughters & 8 beautiful grandchildren. Paddymatch Irish members could not be deprived of a similar happening. So welcome World! Viking Peter A True Story.
    St. Patrick's Day in Scotland is usually celebrated by the Irish community and all fans of Ireland with pub crawls, music festivals and special events. In Edinburgh's old town you can see lots of green on this day. The highlight of St. Partick's Day in Edinburgh is Cowgate St.Patrick's Festival. A weekend-long festival is all about fun or "craic" and everything Irish. Nine stages in five bars and many outdoor venues feature Irish music, dance and other great staff. The Cowgate St. Patrick's festival is held in four Edinburgh famous venues: The Three Sisters, Biddy Mulligans, Espionage, and Cabaret Voltaire. Great atmosphere, special guest stars from Ireland and lots of beer—do you need other reasons to celebrate?

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