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    The VAST majority of Wedding Brides that DID NOT commission a Wedding Film or a Wedding Video of their marriage ceremony & celebrations REGRET IT for the rest of their lives. What a terrible waste. Many brides & grooms have suffered this disappointment. The really frustrating thing is that it cannot be rectified. It has gone. Finito. Caput. It really is so important that drastic efforts should be made to squeeze the budget, sacrifice a crate of Grand Cru. Carpe Diem & go for it.

    The investment in your Wedding Film or Video will be worth it.

    The return on your investment in your Wedding Film or Video will be mighty.

    Sadly, research suggests that the figure is as high 90%.In other words, just 10% of Wedding Couples decide to invest a Wedding file or video.

    Everyone knows that weddings are expensive & that Wedding Films are not totally necessary.

    Yes, the wedding can go ahead unrecorded with no Wedding Films or Videos.

    It is no good wishing the next day, saying wouldn't it be nice to have had a Wedding Film it is too late.
    The Wedding Film for your beautiful ceremony are gone for ever.
    THe memories of the great fun everyone experienced are gone forever.
    The moving pictures in combination with the wedding photographs result in a synergistic effect where the end result is much greater than the sum of the parts.
    In other words 1 + 1 = 4!
    Wedding Films literally adds another dimension.

    Injecting excitement & capturing perfectly the heady happy atmosphere & happenings of your wedding ceremony & after's. Don’t risk on-going remorse!

    Commission that Film now!

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