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    Honesty & Integrity are the foundation on which a long term successful career in the US Real Estate Industry is built. Realtor® , a trademarked status , is synonymous with these qualities of Honesty & Integrity. The most outstanding Reputations result from these vital qualities.
    Realtors® have to guarantee to these high standards.
    It is our intention that our st-patricks-day.com becomes synonymous with Realtors®. If anyone in US wishes to find these highly skilled Realtors® for town, cities or State then this is the place to come to. Completion date 17 December 2023.This website will promote Realtors® in special sections & also on the St Patricks Day Parade page. We are also developing a ‘Luxury Realtors®’(https://www.st-patricks-day.com/us-luxury-realtors.html) section which only features Realtors® with properties priced over $1,000,000.
    The trade marked National Association of Realtors® is the national body focused on maintaining the highest standards of Honesty & Integrity in the US real estate industry. Individuals must join this organization - National Association of Realtors – if they are to claim the honor & use of the trademarked Realtor.® This National Association of Realtors® requires members to safeguard ethical standards & undergo ongoing training. No other Real Estate organization requires such demanding professionalism. Buying or selling a home is the most important financial decision that people make in their lives. Go with the best – go Realtors® - go National Association of Realtors®
    Some of the largest US Real Estate Companies have hundreds of Realtors® on staff - perhaps a case of going with the best.

    In 1913,NAR's Code of Ethics, was one of the first codifications of ethical duties adopted by any business group. The Code ensures that consumers are served by requiring REALTORS® to cooperate with each other in furthering clients' best interests. As John Rockefeller Jr said ‘The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well’ He could well have been talking about Realtors.®

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