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    Paddymatch – Irish Love

    Everyone loves the Irish. Particularly on St Patrick's Day. They love chatting. They love people. They love children. They are quirky, fun, love story telling…not surprising as they are Irish after all! So go to it, Meet your Irish love on Paddymatch! But wait! What if you are not of Irish blood? Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time a young man from North of England, of Viking stock, decided to seek fame, fortune in Australia. Whereupon, lo & behold!, he met an Irish lady! The rest is history with 3 beautiful daughters & 8 beautiful grandchildren. Paddymatch Irish members could not be deprived of a similar happening. So welcome World! Viking Peter A True Story.

    The Crucians have been known to celebrate anything, and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is no exception. With St. Croix’s diverse history and cultures, there’s something to celebrate year round! The St. Patrick’s Day Parade on St. Croix is known all over as one of the biggest parties of the year. People plan their vacation around this event (and I am sure past and current residents suddenly turn up sick from work to attend!). Surprisingly, this parade is the only one on St. Croix known to EVER start on time. The grand marshall promptly steps out at 11:00am to allow the festivities begin…at least the official ones. Many of the parade goers have already treated themselves to the local food and drinks that line the streets of the parade route.

    Christiansted’s streets turn into a sea of green as the masses turn out to enjoy the floats from local businesses and groups tossing beads, candy, favors, even cooling off the crowd with a Super Soaker. Each float has a theme and the participants dress accordingly (in green of course). The crowd watching the festivities also turn out in their most outrageous green finest. After the parade down King Street, the local bars and restaurants keep the party going with live music, food and drinks. The St. Patty’s Day Parade is truly is a Caribbean-Irish party not to be missed!

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